New Nancy Drew Comic Celebrates Sleuth’s 90th Birthday By Killing Her Off

In honor of the 90th anniversary of iconic teen detective and novel heroine Nancy Drew, a comics publisher released a new story all about her death. Yup, you read that right. After 90 years of sleuthing, Nancy Drew has been killed off in a new comic meant to commemorate the beloved, long lasting mystery series. Getting offed on her birthday probably wasn't the way Nancy was expecting to go, to say the least.

According to Polygon, the comic is just the latest in a new series released by the publisher Dynamite. The series is a crossover event between Nancy and the Hardy Boys. The comic, which is called Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew, sees Nancy's fellow amateur sleuths investigating her mysterious death.

A site called Previews World shared more details from the new comic:

All bets are off, as the series by writer Anthony Del Col (Luke Cage: Everyman, Kill Shakespeare) and artist Joe Eisma (Riverdale, Morning Glories) opens with Nancy’s iconic friends, the Hardy Boys, at Nancy’s grave. Through twists and turns, this dark noir-infused story unfurls as the biggest Nancy Drew mystery of all time. Nancy’s mysterious death follows one of her highest stake investigations into organized crime.

The news of Nancy's fictional death spread quickly on social media. Fans accused Dynamite publishers of "fridging" Nancy—needlessly killing of a female character to service a man's character arc—and they are not happy about it. Nancy Drew began trending on Twitter, as well, with droves of longtime readers bashing the decision to kill off Nancy in favor of giving the Hardy Boys an interesting storyline.

"I doubt Nancy Drew is really dead. HOWEVER, as the tweet comments mention, taking the lead female out of her anniversary story so boys can investigate her death is an odd & probably misogynistic way to celebrate a profoundly important female character in literature," one critic wrote on Twitter.

"Some are hoping the story is her faking her death, and honestly, it probably is but still: a) a really bad look and starts off on a nasty foot b) still ultimately removes her from the narrative to center the f*****g Hardy Boys c) isn't written by, or drawn by, any women," author Chuck Wendig added.

What do you think of the decision to kill of Nancy Drew?

Photo: Dynamite

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