What Moved Lil Dicky to Make a Rare Heartfelt Instagram Post

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Lil Dicky’s hilarious sitcom Dave has just been renewed for a second season after its first became FX’s highest ranked comedy in the network’s entire history -- and it’s success is even more remarkable because Lil Dicky had literally no prior experience in TV. He’d never acted or even tried writing.

In fact, he admitted in am emotional Instagram post that he only downloaded screenwriting software after he signed a deal to make the show.

What he did have, he added, was rock solid belief in himself.

“I’m a prime example that things are totally possible in life, he shared. "I had no legitimate reason to believe I could be a successful rapper or make a great TV show without any experience. But I believed. So I tried my hardest to find out and I am so relieved that I did. No matter what you’re interested in pursuing do yourself a favor and find out if you’re right too.”

Catch season 1 of Dave up on Hulu now.