Money Habits For A Wealthy 2021!

I wasn't really taught how to manage my money. I left my small hometown to come to Tucson to pursue my dreams with really, no guidance.

Of course, first I did a quick thing at the UofA and got my degree, but prior to this I had never had a job. My first job was at the University of Arizona's Student Union. I worked at a small sandwich shop called On Deck Deli. THE BEST SANDWICHES IN TOWN! So yeah, that was my first ever job. Making $300 every two weeks. I was living in a dorm so I didn't have to pay rent. I didn't have a cellphone so I didn't have to pay a phone bill. Basically, I was getting money and spending it on..... whatever!

Shopping every weekend, eating out every day, buying loads of alc...... I mean books! Safe to say I didn't learn about money management until a few years into college. And by money management I mean paying my bills came first, but I was still spending my money on B........S.........

That has all changed now. I like to consider myself as an adult with a big girl job and big girl bills, which comes with BIG TIME MONEY MANAGEMENT! So let's dive in to some money habits we can all implement in 2021!

  • CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT CONSISTENTLY! I cannot stress this enough. I was that girl who would checked her bank account if and only if my card was declined. In order to stay on top of your funds and avoid overdraft fees, you need to check them, consistently.
  • CREATE A BUDGET! Know how much your bills are, and work around that. You can start simple by limiting yourself to spending $50/week on the things you want but really don't need. Adjust accordingly.
  • SET UP AUTOPAY! This is more important than you think! Setting up auto pay saves you time and can ultimately increase your credit score by getting those bills paid on time, especially if you're one to forgot about payment due dates.
  • SAVE A CHUNK OF YOUR PAYCHECK! Throw as much money as you can into your savings, emergency fund, squirrel fund, rainy day fund, you get the point. Especially after the uncertainty we encountered in 2020, I think we understand the importance of having a little money saved up to help us when needed.
  • SET DESIGNATED "NO SPEND DAYS" ! One of the easiest things to do. Test yourself. You do not need a coffee from your favorite shop each morning. Try it, it adds up! You can get more tips on money management here!

2020 gave us the finger and in 2021, we're giving it right back! This year is full of opportunities for self-growth in all areas of our life!

Lets live it with a positive mindset and a bigger bank account!