Want to Get Paid $1,300 to Watch 13 Scary Movies? DETAILS HERE

Finance Buzz wants to pay you $1,300 to watch these 13 scary movies:

  1. Saw
  2. Amityville Horror
  3. A Quiet Place
  4. A Quiet Place Part 2
  5. Candyman
  6. Insidious
  7. The Blair Witch Project
  8. Sinister
  9. Get Out
  10. The Purge
  11. Halloween (2018)
  12. Paranormal Activity
  13. Annabelle

This is what you'll get:

"FinanceBuzz will provide the hired Horror Heart Rate Analyst with a Fitbit to track your heart rate throughout your movie analysis, along with $1,300 and a $50 gift card to cover rental costs to fund your fright fest."

Finance Buzz wants to get to the bottom of "whether or not a movie’s budget impacts just how dread-inducing it can be by wearing a Fitbit to monitor your heart rate while you work your way through the list of 13 movies below. You’ll also rank the movies based on your prediction of the size of their production budgets."

I think I might apply! If you want to, too, you can apply HERE!

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