Do Servers Appreciate When Patrons Clean Their Own Table?

I saw this viral TikTok talking about the difference between millennials and boomers at restaurants. The TikTok implied that millennials are cleaner because they clean the table and stack the plates versus boomers, who leave it as is.

It brought up the topic about servers and if they are really appreciative of the extra effort. A lot of people jumped in the comments, some saying they appreciate the effort, while others said that it makes their job harder.

I found a few answers from servers on the internet, all with different opinions:

User Ryan Swallow: "In a high volume low priced restaurant like Denny’s or Waffle House, I’d say yes. In any other full service restaurant, the fact that your table is full of empty plates means that your server and/or bussers aren’t doing their job. Proper table maintenance should remove any items as they are finished. This should include used utensils, side plates, paper, crumbs and any other item cluttering the table."

User Joe Jessop: “A” for effort, but not for “Appreciate”. Stacking your own plates looks sloppy from a servers standpoint and can actually make things more difficult as we will now have to balance dishes according to your configuration instead of our own. Here in the US if you would like the server to take your plate out of the way you may place your silverware together on your plate to signal you are finished.

You can find more answers HERE!

Watch and read the comments:

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