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Drinking Old Leftover Water from a Plastic Bottle is Dangerous

Do you have a reusable plastic water bottle? And do you ever leave water in there overnight, then keep drinking it the next day? Well, time to panic . . .

A new report says you should STOP doing that immediately. At least with reusable SOFT plastic water bottles.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen analyzed water samples after the water had been in there for 24 hours. And it was LOADED with chemicals.

They found hundreds of substances, including "photo-initiators," which can mess with your hormones and potentially cause cancer.

And this part might be even worse: They did it again after the bottles had gone through the dishwasher. And there were even MORE chemicals.

They say it's probably because your dishwasher wears down the plastic and allows it to leach more chemicals into your water.

The lead author of the study says he'll never use plastic water bottles now, and suggests a quality stainless steel bottle instead. 


(Study Finds)

Row of assorted water bottles against the ocean

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